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Types of Service Available:

Scheduled Container Service
Locked storage containers are provided to you at no charge, and are serviced according to your needs; Monthly, biweekly, weekly and daily service is available. Available with Both On & Offsite Services.

File Boxes, Purges & Cleanouts
The shredding or destruction process takes place at your office, storage facility, or a plant based shredding facility. The standard 1.2 cubic foot file box (copy paper sized box) weighs approximately 30 lbs. and the 2.4 cubic foot file box (file cabinet drawer sized box) weighs approx 60 lbs.

On-Site Shredding
A mobile shredding truck is sent to your location and the material is destroyed at your facility. The mobile shredding units are self contained, supplying their own source of power for the units.

Off-Site Shredding
A commercial truck is sent to your location and your material is picked up and returned to a plant based shredding facility for destruction. Designed for larger volume clients, which is often defined as those requiring the destruction of over 150 or more boxes of material. A representative picks up the material from your location in a secured vehicle and returns it to the plant based shredding facility where it is placed in a secured holding area until it is shredded. In most cased the material is destroyed within 24 hrs or less. There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, or rubber bands.

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