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Recycling as Opposed to Shredding?

With recycling information is most often stored in whole form in Non-Secure, wide-open facilities accessible to anyone and everyone. The material is often stored for indefinite periods of time until there is enough of a particular type to sell to a paper mill, or until the best price is offered. There is no way of establishing the exact date that your material was destroyed. The option of recycling as a means of destruction is undesirable from a risk management perspective.

Certificates of Destruction?

The "Certificate of Destruction" is an important legal record verifying a company's compliance with their retention schedule. The "C.O.D." does not effectively transfer the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the materials to the contractor. Should private information surfaced after the vendor has accepted possession it would be up to the court of jurisdiction to question the process by which the contractor was selected. A company that fails to show due diligence in their selection of a shredding vendor could be found negligent. When selecting a shredding provider it is important to select a an established and reputable service provider with excellent security policies and procedures.

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